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RELAX! This man has now retired!!




Barry Sewards, Chairman of Total Hire & Sales Limited presented Dave Wickes with his retirement plaque last month in front of staff at our Ripley Location. Dave has been with the company for over 20 years, and has had numerous roles within the business, mastering very few of them!!!

Seriously though, he has been an integral part of the Total Hire team over the years and his ways and his bad joke  telling will be missed.

Dave will be best remembered for his love of doing the deal, and his use of the catchphrase, hello blue eyes and who’s next to be robbed!!

His hobby of purchasing second had cars will be sadly missed amongst the staff as they are now looking for a new outlet for their purchases. In the past three years he has bought more cars than the whole of the company’s staff put together, but even away from work the lure of the negotiation was just too much for him, rumour was, he even offered to buy our Director, Carl Tidey his car off him as he drove Dave to the station!!!!

But he will be much missed and was much loved, a character of the Hire Industry; we all wish him the best for the future in his well-deserved retirement.