Infrared Oil Heater

This 43kW infrared oil fired space heater, available for hire from Total Hire and Sales is tough, effective, and portable.

It is ideal for spot heating on construction sites as well as in large open, well-ventilated spaces like warehouses, workshops, garages and more.

As the heater uses infrared technology, there is no movement of air, so it is ideal for heating dirty and dusty site environments.

This oil fired space heater features a 43 litre diesel fuel tank and one full tank provides enough fuel for the heater to run continuously for 15 hours. The fuel tank has been manufactured using shockproof rotomoulded polythene, the pipes are created with resistant hydrocarbon rubber inclusive of a protective metal casing. The stainless steel AISI 430 combustion chamber is protected by post ventilation that is designed to prevent the contraction of the chamber. The space heater is mounted on a strong set of wheels and has a large handle. This makes it very easy to move around and use wherever it is required.

We have these space heaters available in both 240v and 110v models. The 110v model comes with an RCD power breaker and the 110v model require with a 3kVA portable transformer.

Please note that direct fired heaters must only be used in areas with adequate ventilation. They are not for use in enclosed spaces such as sealed rooms and marquees.

Hire Terms

  1. The agreed period of hire commences on the date the equipment leaves our yard and ceases the day it has been returned, unless other arrangements have been made.
  2. All prices are subject to VAT at current rates. All hire rates shown are exclusive of VAT.
  3. A deposit of £75.00 will be required on small equipment and £500.00 on large plant and access equipment. Larger deposits may be required on larger items.
  4. Two forms of identity will be required to hire equipment for no account customers. One form of ID with current address i.e. utility bill within the last 3 months and one form of photographic ID i.e. driving license or passport.
  5. All equipment is supplied to the hirer in good order. The hirer will be charged with any damage other than fair wear and tear, and the cost of replacement in the event of loss.
  6. Under no circumstances must the hirer try to repair or adjust the equipment. Please contact the issuing depot in the first instance.
  7. Full terms and conditions are available on request at any depot
  8. We are constantly adding to our extensive range. Please ask if you can’t find a piece of equipment.